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Factory trained sharpeners at your service!

 Your shears are the most important pair we received today.  Our entire team is committed to this principle. 

 From the moment we receive your shears, our step by step process is an intimate and unique process to return your shears back to the same highly polished edge as when you first purchased them.   We pride ourselves on the repeat business we have held so closely for many years.  Each component of your shears of carefully checked, balanced and serviced to perfection.

 We know your tools are one of the most important assets you carry. That is why we have spent years developing our craft through continual education in market trends as well as travel internationally to train with some of the world’s best craftsmen.   Our staff is some of the most qualified in the industry trained in the latest cutting edge techniques. 

 Our machine is imported straight from some of the best factories in the world where we traveled and trained with you in mind.  We balance and service our machines with the same delicacy as your shears. 

 There are many good quality sharpeners in the market.  Finding a sharpener for you is a personal experience. We understand that.  At Sharpening World, we are willing to build that trust and relationship with your for a lifelong commitment of sharpening.  We are so confident in our work, that we are willing to guarantee it.


We service:

Convex – Full slide cutting shears

Beveled – German style

Curved -  For advanced styling

Semi Convex – used by most stylists


We also perform:

Tip repair and restructuring

Blade repair

Clipper blade sharpening service

We are located in Nashville, TN